A Very Touching Massachusetts Wedding

Massachusetts Wedding on Valentine's Day

Massachusetts Wedding on Valentine’s Day

This Massachusetts wedding story has to be one of the top five weddings that have touched my heart. Once upon a time long ago, in the late sixties, there was a couple from the South Shore that were childhood sweethearts and unseparable during their high school years. After High School, he was drafted and served two deployments in the Marines in Vietnam. They drifted apart and lived their own lives, both getting married and having a family on their own. Unfortunately, they both didn’t live happily ever after, and after twenty or so years of marriage, they each were divorced from their respective spouses.

About a year later, they both met each other again on Valentine’s Day at a lonely heart dance. I’m a big believer in fate. That was a Friday night. A year later on Valentine’s day which was a Saturday, I had the privilege of helping them put together a most beautiful ceremony and reception. The couple’s adult children served as Bridesmaids and Ushers. As the Groom was a Massachusetts Firefighter, I thought it would be breathtaking to have them dance their first dance with fog as if they were on cloud nine (which they were). The Best Man, who happened to be the Groom’s oldest son, gave one of the most heartfelt toasts I have ever heard and their last dance was the very first dance of the rest of their lives together.

I will never forget it!

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    Liz Tompkins

    What an incredible and inspirational story! So happy they re-found each other after all those years.

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