A Black Tie Halloween Wedding in Boston

Boston Wedding at Fairmont

Boston Wedding Venue: Fairmont Battery Wharf Hotel

Last Halloween I helped my client plan an incredible wedding ceremony and reception on Boston’s Harbor at Fairmont Battery Wharf. The Bride and Groom were definitely one of my more memorable and cool clients. They waited five years to get what they had hoped for: A Saturday night Halloween wedding with a nearly full moon.

The Bride wore a long black wedding dress with long black gloves with fuschia roses. I played an instrumental guitar version of “Spooky” for the procession with fuschia uplighting which matched her bouquet.

During the ceremony, the Justice of the Peace (a Vincent Price look and sound alike) had all the terminology just the way the Bride had wished for.  It gave everyone chills when he kept ending each paragraph with “Till Death Do We Part” with that Vincent Price laugh, it was priceless.

Halloween Wedding in Boston

During cocktail hour they served signature drinks which were blood colored and I played music that fit the scene perfectly but elegantly. After dinner we cut the Corpse Bride cake, shown above, and did the parent dances.  I make sure my clients have two and one half hours of solid dancing.  After the last dance, as everyone gathered around, I wished them Love, Peace, and Happiness, and said “On behalf of the Fairmont Battery Wharf in Boston, I am DJ Arthur Calabro wishing you Goodnight, God bless, and hope to see you all soon”.

With perfect timing at the stroke of Midnight I played “Thriller” by Michael Jackson with the moon coming through the skylights. It still gives me chills just thinking about it. Everyone had a great and quite memorable time.

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