Cape Cod Weddings During Hurricane Season

Cape Cod Beach Wedding

Wedding Venue: The Sea Crest Hotel
Falmouth, MA Cape Cod

I performed at a wedding during hurricane season in September. The ceremony was to be outside on the beach at The Sea Crest Hotel in Cape Cod, but the wind was so strong. The raindrops were as big as my fists going sideways. For that reason we had to have the ceremony inside where all the guests and staff say “it’s a good thing, bad weather means good luck to the Bride”. Everyone had a great time where I was Master of Ceremonies of the reception and the ceremony went off without a hitch.

I never believed that story about what to say to a Bride during bad weather for an outdoor wedding ceremony “it means good luck”. After all what else are you going to say to her? To prove it’s true, on their way to New Zealand, they had a stopover in Anaheim, California. The next morning they got into a taping of “The Price is Right” where the Bride won a brand new Chrysler Sebring Convertible. The couple took delivery here a couple of months later, sold the car and used the proceeds for the down payment on a home. They truly were lucky and are living happily ever after!

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