Frequently Asked Questions for a Wedding DJ and Master of Ceremonies

Wedding DJ FAQ’S

Yes! Arthur has professional portable disc jockey equipment to make all your dreams become a reality anywhere.
Arthur is a full-time disc jockey based in Massachusetts. He truly enjoys what he does and his enthusiasm is contagious!
Arthur is very responsive and welcomes inquiries by , (781) 934-2030 or by completing his contact form.
Arthur will be dressed in a complete tuxedo. Other attire is available upon request including 50’s costumes, beach outfits or any outfit for any theme. Extra charges may apply for specialty costume requests other than those he owns.
Aside from the music, Arthur will act as Master of Ceremonies at your wedding to help maintain the proper flow of your reception. He will handle all introductions and announcements. He will also coordinate with your photographer and videographer to be sure they are in the right position to get all your pictures and to keep them informed of any special events happening throughout the affair.
At the client’s request, and usually in-between courses, Arthur invites guests to dance as he personally entertains as a vocalist, with songs from At Last to After The Loving, with styling’s from Louie Armstrong, Frank Sinatra, Louie Prima, Bobby Darin, Englebert Humperdinck, Michael Bubble, and more. He invites guests to join in to sing the chorus or he will bend on one knee and sing to your Grandmother! Everyone loves it! All with your permission of course!
Arthur has the experience to plan, coordinate, run, and MC most any event, including raffles, silent auctions, and charitable events.
Arthur’s disc jockey equipment is state of the art and top of the line. He is constantly upgrading his equipment to keep ahead of industry standards. He owns the best in wireless microphone systems. It is all professionally cased and very neat in appearance.
Arthur’s disc jockey equipment is always set up neatly and will remain that way throughout the event.

Cape Cod Wedding DJ equipment appearance

Arthur’s library covers all ages and all styles: Top 40, R&B, Country Western, Jazz, Rock ‘n’ Roll, 50’s & 60’s, Waltzes, Polkas, Big Band, Ballroom, Party Dances, Line Dances, and much more. He is continuously adding to his library and takes it all with him to every function.
Absolutely not! Besides being unethical, it is also illegal. Arthur buys all the music he plays. If he doesn’t have it, he will buy it (with enough notice).
Arthur will be more than happy to take requests from your guests. However, he will not play any song that is inappropriate or vulgar. The music has all been thought out in advance and is tailored and customized to your personality and tastes. Most of the time it’s better to give him a “do not play list” for he can usually read the crowd pretty well and know through experience what will keep them dancing.
Yes, Arthur has extra amplifiers, extra CD players, extra cables and clips, etc. His disc jockey equipment has never failed him, but a professional is always prepared!
Arthur does not and will not advertise at your event. He doesn’t use banners or flash his name on the walls or dance floor. His disc jockey equipment is not screen printed with his name or logo. He does carry business cards and, if asked, would hand one out after the event.
Some disc jockeys do require a meal. However, Arthur does not. In most cases this could save you $40 to $200. Arthur doesn’t drink, smoke, sit, and doesn’t take breaks. He is professional at all times.
Arthur carries a one million dollar liability insurance policy which covers you and your guests at any function. Most venues require an insurance policy before the day of the event.
You can rest assured that Arthur will be completely set up one full hour before your event begins, dressed in a complete tuxedo.
Arthur will not sub contract out your party to anyone else. A lot of companies over book and then sell the bookings to other local Massachusetts disc jockeys. Arthur assures you that if you allow him to be a part of your celebration; he will be there ready to entertain. He only books one affair in a day so he won’t be too tired at your event or too anxious to leave to do another.
Arthur travels within reason to most Massachusetts or New England destinations including Cape Cod and Rhode Island. Extra charges would apply if the event was past a certain distance or if requiring an overnight stay.
Arthur can MC a variety of parties and celebrations. His mission with each and every event is to get people to dance and enjoy their time. As he loves all kinds of music, Arthur can provide music for any type of event, including background music and sound reinforcement.
The very best Bose audio equipment for a beautiful rich warm sound. All the equipment needed for perfect audio, plus back up equipment for every piece!